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Raising Private Capital:
How To Set Up Your Own Fund
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The most important skill to have in real estate…
Being Able To Persuasively And Consistently Raise Capital
Hi, I’m Salvatore Buscemi, Co-Founder & CEO of Dandrew Partners in NYC, Founder of The Commercial Investor, and mind behind our two world-famous membership sites: The Investors Syndicate and ACPARE HQ. I’ve been in this business almost 20 years, and that’s how I know that the best thing you can do for yourself if you want to succeed in this industry (or any industry) is this:  
Learn to Use Dog Whistle-Like Persuasion to Influence Prospective Investors and Friends
I started my career off as an investment banker at Goldman Sachs, where I learned how the raise capital on demand from some of the worlds smartest financiers. I left the firm to start my own distressed commercial real estate fund. I raised over $30MM in less than six months. 

And before the age of 30…

Since then I’ve worked with thousands of new and experienced investors who are eager to learn everything there is to know about commercial real estate. And those exact secret strategies are what you’re about to hear. 
How Are You Going To Succeed When Banks
Won’t Lend To You? 
If you’ve ever seen anyone successful in this or any business, it’s the explicit reason why they succeed so well.

They were able to raise capital on demand.

Because over the years they had developed a fundraising system so powerful, that it could raise billions for any cause or charity too.

These are a few things you need to know if you plan to succeed in this industry.
Things like…
1. The Language
The main thing sophisticated investors care about is that you can “walk the walk” and “talk the talk”. Get a word wrong, say a phrase incorrectly, and you’re going to a fraud from the very beginning. In this very high-dollar business, you’re guilty until proven innocent.
2. The Visuals: Your Credibility At Stake
What you put in front of your investors will influence 85% of their decision whether or not you know what the hell you’re doing.

Not pretty pictures found in sales brochures and brokers’ Offering Memorandums. What is most critical, such as how the deal will be structured and how you’re protecting your investors. Where does the money go, and when does it come back and with what type of return?

You know, the ones everyone conveniently leaves out when they have their “hat in hand” …

You must wear the right clothes to this party, so you’re immediately respected and held in high regard. Even if they don’t like the deal, you want them to like YOU.
3. How To Position Yourself
Powerful people approach themselves from a position of strength, simply by asking the right questions first. Not by kowtowing to anyone.
4. The Persuasion Methods
The trance-like patterns that are used to galvanize their attention so you can pull money from each of your investors, over and over.

You may have heard it said before that when it comes to commercial real estate, credibility is king. If you aren’t credible, you’re not going to be successful. Simple as that.

Regardless of how good or bad your credit is, college degree or GED, it will be your perceived credibility that will carry the deal across the closing table.

One of the best ways to build credibility is by treating your investors with respect by showing them you know the deal. At least on paper…

Remember, those mom-and-pop retail investors will never look at the numbers that hard. They are investing in you. And couldn’t explain back to you anything about the deal you just told them about. But you’ll have to know how to answer those pesky questions such as “Who gets paid first?” that some might ask.

So, ethics comes into play here, of course.

And because I don’t know if you’re more experienced in the industry, the sterile & stuffy institutional investors like ultra-high net worth Single and Multi-Family Offices, hedge funds, private bridge lenders, foundations and endowments will want to make sure you’re wearing the right clothes to the party, sort of to speak.

So where do you learn things like this? Things you didn’t know (until right now) that you didn’t know?

Well, this exclusive execution plan Raising Private Capital: How To Set Up Your Own Fund To Buy Income Real Estate is certainly a good place to start.
Why This Execution Plan 
I have a story for you…

When I first started out at Goldman Sachs many years ago and was just beginning my career, they would put us through a rigorous training program.

Part of this training spoke about the importance of deal structure, and these Execution Plans answered the questions of “then what happens”.

Some example of these types of questions would be

“When do YOU accept the money?”

“Where does it go?

“Who pays the investors?” “And when?”

As it turns out, most people will never address these obvious questions upfront, and will embarrass themselves with an absolutely certainty.

The wallet has the loudest voice, and you need be able to persuasively convert all “maybes” into a “yes”. 
Powerful Persuasion Is Taking Actions Your Investors Wouldn’t Expect YOU To Do For THEM.
Everyone is busy. And so are wealthy people. There are a lot of steps that need to be done from the time of your first conversation to when the money hits the closing table.

Taking control early on in the relationship will grease the chute to having more private capital for you to call on when you need it. On demand.

From a deal structuring standpoint, you just need to make about half-a-dozen or so phone calls from the airport to call on that money before taking off to your next vacation or investor meeting.

But what you do beforehand to set that up requires a hack special technique where their money does nothing until it waits for your Beck and call. This means lowering the action threshold so your investors are compelled to get started NOW, and not after their next vacation.

(Ask me how I know this.)

And similar to the mysticism of a 33rd degree Freemason dinner ceremony… you want to make sure you adhere to the unspoken rules of conduct and rituals for doing so.

If you want a chance to use these same Execution Plans that are used to train in the same fashion of some of the smartest and most informed and experienced dealmakers in the world, then believe me: This Execution Plan is for YOU.
How Would You Like To Know How To…
1. Pre-Qualify Your Investors
Of course, your investors will be qualifying you; however, YOU need to qualify your investors too.

There’s a saying my friends in Texas say: “The emptiest containers make the loudest noise…”

And as such, the most valuable use of your time is talking with investors. The deals will come later. There will always be deals. The more you talk to your investors, the more they will trust you. This means following up with them before you ask for their hand in holy matrimony. In a non-creepy way of course…
2. Get Scripted, And Scripted Tight
In any persuasion strategy, you want to make sure your pacing your prospects, and leading them. Specifically, when they start to drive off the side of the road, talking about things that aren’t relevant to your goal.
3. What To Do After You’ve Found A Deal
Simply put, how do you execute? What happens next? Who do you call first? Form the LLC? Start negotiating with the seller? Raising the earnest money deposit?

You know, the important stuff no one ever thinks about that bites them later on.
4. What Happens AFTER The Closing
When do YOU get paid? When do your investors get paid? How often should you talk to them? How does that all work?
5. Stay In The Know
Things are changing in this industry all the time, so what is the best way to keep up? Well, unless you’re actively working with lenders and getting deals closed on a day-to-day basis, it’s going to be prohibitively hard.

The only alternative is to make sure that you’re learning from the people who ARE up to date on what’s going on in the markets. People who have lots of connections in the industry, who are working with students, clients, investors on the daily, and who know what your needs and desires are, and are ready to help you meet them.

In other words, people like your friends here at The Commercial Investor.
One Last Thing…
Because you downloaded The Commercial Pitchbook™ earlier this week, you’re getting this very special Execution Plan, Raising Private Capital: How To Set Up Your Own Fund for 70% OFF our normal retail pricing.

These exclusive, Goldman Sachs apprenticeship-style Execution Plans are usually ONLY given to members of our premier monthly membership site: The Investors Syndicate. What would normally cost $97, we’ve brought down to just $27… so folks who are a little newer to the industry can claim their slice of the pie.

Raising Private Capital: How To Set Up Your Own Fund centers around everything from persuasion to paperwork, from first call to funding, and everything that can go wrong in between.

If you want a chance to use the same systems that some of the smartest, most well informed, and most experienced capital raisers and investment bankers use, the believe me: This Execution Plan is for YOU.
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