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Act Now to Get Our All-in-One Credibility, Capital Formation, Automated Marketing System. Gain Access to a Done-For-You Wealth of Websites, Pages, Client Emails, Videos, Letters, Leads, and Much, Much More.
Distressed Property Profiteer
Identify and Pre-Qualify Properties in 90 Seconds or Less. Get Our Proven Toolkit to Structure Deals in Minutes and Cement Yourself as a Credible and Influential Commercial Real Estate Dealmaker.
Hard Money Secrets
Act Now to Fulfill the Ultimate Dream of Starting Your Own Hard Money Fund. Attract the Cash and Capital Needed to Fund All Your Commercial Real Estate Endeavors.
The Investors Syndicate
Gain Access to Former Wall Street Investment Banker Sal Buscemi’s Wealth of Proven Wall Street Systems. Full Access to Fool-Proof Strategies, Expert Trainings, Recordings, Case Studies, Deals, Business-Building Blueprints, and Much, Much More.
Big Book Of Blueprints
Get All the Resources You Need to Raise Capital, Control Commercial Assets, and Structure Deals Easily. Gain Access to Over 73 Investing Blueprints, Templates, and Cheat Sheets that will Increase Credibility and Urge You to Action.
The Time Life Continuing Ed iPad
Hold the Entire Time Life Commercial Real Estate Investing Library in the Palm of Your Hand with the Time Life Continuing Ed iPad. A Brand New Apple iPad Loaded with 143 Exclusive Dealmaking Videos, 44 Proprietary Blueprints, 31 “Behind Closed Door” Interviews, and Much, Much More.
LinkedIn Leaders
Tap Into LinkedIn’s “Wealth Circle Groups” and Build Invaluable Long-Term Business Relationships. Act Now to Network with the Big Boys and Unlock LinkedIn’s Most Lucrative Dealmaking Opportunities.
Commercial Real Estate Matchmaker
Act Now to Start Making Legendary 5, 6, Even 7-Figure Cash Windfalls. Gain Access to Exclusive Video and Audio Files, Proven Blueprints, and the Most Advantageous Commercial Real Estate Secrets.
Matchmaker PRO
Gain Privileged Access to Former Wall Street Investment Banker Sal Buscemi and His Inside Circle Team. Discuss Your Deals Anytime Day and Night, Receive Invaluable Advice, Maximize Productivity, and Pursue Your Opportunities Backed by a Loyal Team of Commercial Real Estate Experts.
Perfect Pitch
Act Now to Claim this Word-for-Word, Seal-the-Deal “Perfect Pitch Formula” Blueprint. Deliver Your Professional Pitch in Just Five Minutes and Raise Unlimited Cash for Your Hard Money Mortgage Pool.
Packaging The Deal
Deliver a Professional, Check-Stroking Pitch to Secure Funding and Bank on Highly Lucrative, Instant Paydays. Instill Trust, Gain Credibility, and Impress Your Investors with a Clean, Professional, Well-Prepared Deal Presentation.
4P Primer
Get Our Complete Policy and Procedures Playbook, Fully Personalized for Your Business. Save Thousands in Consulting Fees and Stand Above the Competition with an Out-of-the-Box, Up-and-Running, 100% Legally Compliant Business.
Institutional Intelligence:
Sales Desk Scripts
Make Calls with These “Ripped from Wall Street” Phone Scripts and Get Listened To. Wow Decision-Makers with the Right Words, Phrases, and Organic Commercial Real Estate Lingo.
Real Estate Consulting System 
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Gain Access to Our Exclusive JV Capital LinkedIn “Source List” and Secure Funding for Your Deals Now with this Proven Blueprint.
Source and Structure any Deal Easily with 30K in 30 Days. Become a Knowledgeable Wholesaler Now when You Download Our Widely Tested, Proven Blueprint.
Raise Millions in Capital for Your Commercial Real Estate Endeavors with this “Wall Street” Grade, Done-for-You Pitchbook. Pitch Investors with Total Confidence and Get it Right the First Time.
Get Our Proven Strategies for Effectively Selling Bulk Notes/REO Assets. From Wall Street Arbitrage Experts Delivered Straight to Your Computer in eBook Form.
Easily Structure and Underwrite Residential Real Estate Hard Money Loans with Minimal Risk to You and Your Investors. Download Our Free Hard Money Strategy Toolkit Now.
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